Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) offers a wide variety of classes for children 18 months old and up.

All classes are taught by USAG (United States Association of Gymnastics) Certified Instructors that have passed their safety and background checks as well as their CPR and first aid certifications. Our classes are built on progressions that enable students to learn skills and terminology efficiently while they are having fun.

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Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is the greatest foundation for all other sports.

Athletes will be introduced to floor, beam, vault and bars. Endurance and confidence grow as athletes work major muscle groups and practice flexibility. It is a proven fact that students with a gymnastics background excel faster in other athletic endeavors and academic activities. For students wishing to continue their gymnastics progression we have a competitive team program and a dedicated team training facility right around the corner.

Preschool Classes / 5 and under

Welcome to SGT Preschool Program!

5 and under classes

Mixed Bugs
Lil Poppers
Lil Ninjas

At SGT we believe that children learn best in a welcoming atmosphere, filled with positive reinforcement and happy people. Our preschool program is designed to use gymnastics and fundamental body movements as a platform to build and strengthen ones' confidence, positive self-image and problem solving skills in a supportive environment. Children will learn to follow instruction and team building skills. With weekly gymnastic lessons promoting a confident "I can do that" attitude children develop skills that lay the foundation for success throughout all aspects of their lives.

Sports Prep Classes

Our sports classes offer training to build coordination, flexibilty and strength. The classes will focus on skills that will be conditioning and be foundational for any other sports they pursue.

Trampoline Classes

Welcome to Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) Trampoline Program.

There is no other sport that enhances kids fitness faster than the benefits found in in trampoline. This activity will assist your child in the training of spatial awareness, a critical skill in all sports. Additionally, spatial awareness is considered one of the eight intelligences’ and has been linked to enhance cognitive development.

Tumbling Classes

Welcome to Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) Tumbling Program

SGT offer high energy tumbling classes that will help the student accomplish all the foundation tumbling skills that are so desired for many different reasons, self confidence, cheer and dance to name a few. However every child should at least have a cartwheel and handstand to brag about. Let our tumbling program help your child shine!

TNT Classes (Trampoline and Tumbling)

Welcome to Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) TNT Program!

This class is the best of both worlds for both male and female athletes. Students will learn skills on the trampoline, the double mini trampoline and the rod floor, which is used for power tumbling. This class is perfect for kids who love to flip, twist and jump high! Students will learn foundation skills and terminology, which will advance them through different levels of classes. Many students that participate in this class are well prepared for diving, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, cheerleading and dance to name a few.

Parkour Classes

Welcome to Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) Parkour Program.

This exciting coed sport challenges students to reach their maximum potential while they learn the way of conditioning the body and the mind by learning how to overcome obstacles with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in France, the main purpose of the non-competitive sport is to teach participants how to adapt their movements to their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, and jumping. Using their surroundings to their advantage, traceurs (parkour practitioners) train to be able to identify and utilize alternate or more efficient paths.



Do you have a little girl ready to try tumbling & ballet? This is the class for you. It's a chance for your daughter to experience both in this combination class.