Parkour Classes

Welcome to Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline (SGT) Parkour Program.

This exciting coed sport challenges students to reach their maximum potential while they learn the way of conditioning the body and the mind by learning how to overcome obstacles with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in France, the main purpose of the non-competitive sport is to teach participants how to adapt their movements to their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, and jumping. Using their surroundings to their advantage, traceurs (parkour practitioners) train to be able to identify and utilize alternate or more efficient paths.


Parkour Beginning

This class will introduce the student to the fundamental skills and terminology of Parkour.

Age Level: 7 to +

Parkour Intermediate

Parkour Intermediate (Skills required must be instructor approved)
Once the fundamental skills have been achieved students will be challenged with a higher degree of difficulty within the sport of Parkour.

Age Level: Skill Based

Freerunning - Parkour

This class is for more advanced parkour students. Students will learn techniques for adding more elements to their parkour movement. Students will learn flips and tricks.

Age Level: Skill Based