Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we receive at Scottsdale Gymnastics and Trampoline. If you have a question and the answer is not provided here, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Our gym must be notified before the 1st day of the new month of your intention to not return to classes. If we are not notified your account will be billed accordingly. There are waiting lists for many of our classes. So it is imperative that you notify the gym immediately about your decision as a courtesy to those on the waitlist.

Yes. Please see the front desk for this information.

Yes. There are discount for multiple class enrollments please see the front desk for this information.

We have security monitors in our gym and students are only allowed to exist and enter through our lobby door.

Yes you can drop and go. However the front desk must be notified you are leaving and you must return prior to the end of your child’s class. If something were to prohibit your return on time you must notify the front desk immediately.

A member will benefit by paying member pricing for all gym events. If the member is 5 and under they will have unlimited access to the kinder open gym held Tuesday thru Friday. Camp registrations are waived. They will also receive priority emails in regards to special events.

A membership for the 1st child is $45.00 and $20.00 each sibling thereafter. Participating in classes is not required. Membership is good for one year from date of purchase.

A student will have one month to make up their missed class but must be enrolled to do so.

No. It is suggested that a female student wear a leotard but in the event they do not have one, they can wear a spandex tank with gym shorts. Boys need to wear gym shirts and shorts. Clothing with metal or sharp objects are not allowed. Hair must be pulled back from the face at all times. No socks are required.

Monthly fees are based on 4 weeks of classes, one class per week. If your class falls on a day that meets 5 time in a month your account will be adjust accordingly.

No. Our tuition is month to month. If you join our program after the 1st class your tuition will be prorated.

At Scottsdale Gymnastics we offer a one time no obligation trial class. If you enroll the trial class becomes part of your tuition. If you choose not to enroll there is no cost for the trial. If the student tries additional classes they will pay a one time drop in class fee.

All students with no experience will start in a beginning class dependent on their age. If they have previous experience they will need to set up a time to be evaluated.

Students can start the moment they begin to walk. This class is called Inchworms and requires adult participation.

In the world of TNT a child can compete as early as 5 years old at level 3 or higher. If a child is a level 4 or higher they can compete at the State and Regional level, however they must be a level 5 or higher with a qualifying score in order to compete in the Junior Olympics