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Gymnastics is a fantastic activity for children as it promotes holistic development. Through gymnastics, children not only build strength, flexibility, and coordination but also learn invaluable life skills such as discipline, focus, and perseverance. It fosters a sense of achievement and confidence as children conquer new skills and challenges, all while having fun and forming lasting friendships in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Gymnastics Classes

Coach with tumbling students

Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool gymnastics is the class where students first get to experience the gym without parent participation. Students work on a variety of gymnastics skills in a special section of the gym filled with junior sized equipment. This class is circuit based with gymnastics skills incorporated to keep attentions high!

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Junior Gymnastics

Our Junior Gymnastics Class is specially designed for girls aged 5-6, they will learn fundamental gymnastics skills of bars, beam, floor and vault in a group setting while focusing on fun, and the importance of safety!

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Advanced Junior Gymnastics

A more advanced class for 5 and 6 year old showing great listening skills and progression on the events. This class will train for the entire class on the full size equipment and prepare students to potentially skip a level in the developmental class program.

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Girls Level 1 Gymnastics

Our Girls Level 1 Gymnastics Class is specially designed for girls aged 7 and up, focusing on the fundamental skills and basic techniques of gymnastics. Every class, our gymnasts will practice on two of the four gymnastics events: vault, bars, beam, and floor. This approach ensures a thorough and focused learning experience on each event.

Two Girls Gymnastics Bar

Girls Level 2 Gymnastics

Our Girls Level 2 Gymnastics Class is tailored for girls aged 7 and up, who have already mastered the basics. This class is a step up from introductory levels, focusing on enhancing skills and introducing more complex techniques in a supportive and engaging environment.

Girl On Balance Beam

Girls Level 3 Gymnastics

Our Girls Level 3 Gymnastics Class caters to girls aged 7 and up who have successfully mastered Level 1 and Level 2 skills across all four events. This advanced class is dedicated to refining skills and introducing more dynamic techniques in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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