Kids just want to have fun, and our custom tailored classes provide children with not only a positive outlook on exercise, but the means to learn parkour safely. Kids are introduced to the basic movements of parkour along with all the skills required to train safely and effectively. Our goal is to teach kids not only how to use their bodies to the fullest, but to also know how to take care of them for a long life of parkour.

Kids will progress through our training levels, earning different color bands as they proceed, starting with “white” and eventually graduating at the final level of “black”.

Parkour leads to Freerunning where athletes can learn to add tricks and flips to their training.

Level 1 White Band – ages 7+
Level 2 Green Band – ages 7+ (evaluation required)
Level 3 Blue Band – ages 7+ (evaluation required)
Level 4 Yellow Band – ages 7+ (evaluation required)
Level 5 Red Band – ages 7+ (evaluation required)

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